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Take card payments directly from your invoices. Simply include a link on your invoice & our Stripe integration will provide a secure payment gateway for your customers.

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Take payments instantly

You can set up Pandle Pay to include a payment link on your invoices so customers can pay you right away using their credit or debit card.

Get paid quicker

A Pandle Pay invoice takes on average 8 days to be paid, whereas the standard time for any other Pandle invoice to be paid is 32 days!

Automated status updates

As soon as one of your customers has paid their invoice using a Pandle Pay link Pandle will recognise this and automatically mark the invoice as paid.

Transaction control

With your Stripe account integrated with Pandle you will have full visibility of the payments into your business – who paid which invoice, at what time, and how much.

Premium invoice templates Pro

Pro users can choose from any one of our seven premium invoice templates, which alongside Pandle Pay provide your business with a professional and modern invoice style.


Pandle Pay uses Stripe’s payment gateway providing world class SSL security. Meaning your customers card details will be completely secure when paying you.


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