Custom Imports

Our Custom Imports feature allows you to create personalised import templates, enabling you to upload transactions of any type.

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Customise your template

Want to import transactions from Amazon, eBay, your shopping cart software or payment? Simply set up the desired fields using a sample upload file, save, and away you go.

Easy upload

Once your customised import template has been created simply select it from the drop down menu, choose your file type and quickly import all your transactions into Pandle.

Reduce errors

It’s easy to make an accidental error when manually entering transactions, but with the Custom Import feature you can ensure that each transaction is entered accurately.

Save time

Never again will you have to spend hours manually entering sales or other banking transactions, simply create your template, upload them in bulk and away you go!

Check and confirm

After you have uploaded your transactions Pandle will ask you to check and confirm each one, this further enhances the accuracy of bookkeeping.

Categorise each transaction

Once your transactions are imported you can categorise each one to ensure so you know exactly how much you are spending in different areas of your business.


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